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As your business grows, it's no secret that finding and retaining talent can be difficult. That's where Genie payroll professionals can help.

Maintaining the drive to outfit your company with the cream of the crop is not for the faint of heart. When examining your current payroll functions—along with other hiring challenges you face in the onboarding process—you may find you need a skilled payroll professional to help. But hiring someone to fill that role can be costly.

Genie is making payroll easier for Washington businesses. With our cost-effective online payroll system, you can integrate payroll with human resources making your business run more efficiently. If it sounds like a dream, well, Genie is here to wake you up.

What does a Payroll Professional do?

Payroll professionals are responsible for ensuring payroll tax expenses and are paid correctly and on time. They handle all tasks involved in payroll to compensate employees for hours worked, for example:

+ calculating salaries and deductions

+ managing benefits

+ tracking vacations, sick days, and other leaves of absence

+ calculating taxes

+ and more

Payroll Professionals & Payroll Systems

As a business owner, you already understand that efficient payroll is crucial to success. However, navigating payroll is a delicate landscape that requires highly specialized professionals who understand the complicated processes. When handling company payroll, your staff must respect the demands of their job. Avoiding errors, expensive compliance penalties, and ultimately, unsatisfied employees is key.

You can elevate your business by implementing user-friendly payroll services that your current staff—HR, management, and payroll professionals—will find it easy to use.

Payroll systems offer the following


Quality assurance and attention-to-detail


Process Standardization


Improved employee engagement


Cost savings

That’s why pairing payroll with an HCM system can save you time, money, and costly headaches. Your human resources department will thank you.

your one-stop solution.

Hiring Genie ensures all your business’s payroll and HR responsibilities are accomplished with continued accuracy. Genie Payroll Plus collects data and updates automatically, allowing both human resources and payroll staff the convenience of accessing the same information in real-time. Avoid creating duplicate paperwork or files!

Improve best practices and employee morale

with a single system.

With Genie’s integrated payroll system, the improvements to your business will help you sleep at night. And sleep brings more dreaming, but don’t worry, we’ll wake you up and remind you we’re real.

The benefits of Genie’s one-stop solution for your payroll and HR needs speak for themselves. Genie has excellent working knowledge of the rules and regulations affecting payroll in Washington state to avoid penalties. We are committed to maintaining compliance and assisting our customers every step of the way. It’s all wrapped into our easy-to-use, cost-effective system.

Genie benefits that make your life easier.

Communicate effectively and train your employees easily.

Lean on Genie’s excellent customer service.

Meet strict deadlines every time.

Maintain confidentiality and gain employee trust.

Streamline and automate administrative tasks.

Lead more effectively with modern tools of the trade.

Adapt quickly to changes in the political and legal landscape that can significantly affect the way your business delivers payroll.

Utilize software that allows your business to always be on the cutting edge.

Collect data for real-time analysis and identify issues and opportunities quickly.

Rest easy with qualified payroll professionals on your team.

Bask in the freedom of reliability.

Encourage staff to take initiative.

Hire a team of Payroll Professionals today.

Genie has been a trusted partner for over 20 years in Washington state. We have been delivering HCM solutions for small to mid-sized businesses since 1996. We have a long-standing commitment to provide extraordinary service and value. And, as you know, today’s employers need to save time and money wherever possible. 

Reduce time doing manual data entry while keeping your HR information safe and organized. Our payroll systems offer payroll, human resources, time tracking, and benefits, unified into a simple and easy-to-use platform; and it is tailored to your business.
We specialize in providing peace of mind with a single phone call or the simple click of a mouse. We are always right at your fingertips.