HCM Payroll

If you want to excel in the growth of your business, you need a payroll system that is more than just payroll. And with Genie’s customizable HCM payroll platform, we will simplify the process for you.

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Our paperless payroll, cloud-based tracking, electronic reporting, and HR software are secure and hassle-free.

HCM payroll is a powerful tool

Today’s employers need to save time and money wherever possible. HCM technology has numerous benefits that not only streamline processes but can increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Most human resource professionals are well aware of the Human Capital Management system movement.

Time clock and dollar referencing HCM Payroll saves companies time and money

To save the company time and money—and streamline current HR processes to make room for innovation—you need the right HCM technology in place.

Genie Payroll Plus® is your single solution. Our HCM payroll service makes recruiting, training, payroll, compensation, and performance management exciting opportunities to drive employee engagement, increase productivity, and highlight the values of your business. Simply put, your staff will be thrilled. When tedious work is made easy and people know you care, your company will succeed.


Reduce time doing manual data entry while keeping your HR information safe and organized. Our payroll systems offer payroll, human resources, time tracking, and benefits, unified into a simple and easy-to-use platform.

Simplify your Human Capital Management

Streamline your to-do list with an all-in-one HCM and effectively manage your greatest asset—your employees. Handling business with Genie’s HCM software platform system has never been easier. Payroll is processed efficiently and accurately, every time.


ACA tracking utilizes historical data to financially model various measurement and stability period options to mitigate financial exposure. 


Benefit plans are set-up, driving enrollment and deductions throughout the system.


Real-time tracking and reporting. Manage your company’s time policies for complete and accurate time cards. Review employee’s clock in and clock out behaviors to better manage expectations.


Streamline your onboarding by allowing new hires to enter their information directly—avoiding duplicate data entry. Tools are customizable, so you can collect as little or as much information as you want.

Payroll Plus Portal

At Genie, we value connecting with our clients through exceptional customer service. Whether you’re a small or medium-sized organization, you’re going to get the same Genie every single time. Because even with the best technology available on the market, you still need a partner who’s available when you need help.

HCM technology helps bring peace of mind

That's where we come in.

Obtain peace of mind with transformational HCM technology and Genie’s white-glove attention to detail.

The best technology paired with the best service.

Our tools make it quick and simple to get started right now with no upfront payment required. Pick your plan based on the number of employees in your business and the frequency of payroll—weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.

Included in Payroll Plus Portal plans:


Tax Filing

New Hire Reporting

Direct Deposit


Manager & Employee Self-Service

Basic Performance Management



Time Tracking


Time Off Requests

Punch Management

Online Benefit Eligibility & Enrollment

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We make your life easier

Genie Payroll Plus® has been a trusted partner for over 20 years in Washington, delivering HCM solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Founded in 1996, we have a long-standing commitment to provide extraordinary service and value.

Bask in the glory of a little peace of mind. How often do you get to do that while growing your business? We make your life easier by handling the hassle of payroll, in its entirety. We are always a call or a click away if you need us. Our Payroll Technology is always right at your fingertips.

Our team members at Genie offer personal payroll guidance. 

We know the tax requirements crossing county lines, so don’t worry if your company has branches in multiple cities. We are skilled in handling local taxing issues and we will walk you through it. Or perhaps you need a specific report that highlights the complexities of an employee’s payroll so you can create a new process, we’ve got you covered.

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Genie offers personalized support and payroll guidance when you need it. If your method of approach requires limited direction, that’s okay too. We are here to partner with you as your business grows, in whatever way is right for you.