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As a business owner, how can you integrate payroll and time management into a system that creates streamlined workflows for staff and HR? You don’t have to wonder anymore. 

At Genie, we have developed an integrated payroll system that both your human resources department and payroll staff can use to access the same information in real-time. You don’t have to worry about delayed or inaccurate reporting. Payroll Plus is convenient and easy-to-use, eliminating the frustration of working with duplicate paperwork or files. 
This effectively saves your business time and money and reduces liabilities.

Imagine your company freed of these unnecessary headaches!

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How to grow your business with online payroll service & time tracking

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When time tracking relies on manual entry and operates separately from payroll, the potential for errors and inaccuracies can be high. Too many hands in the cookie jar leaves no one satisfied. If you want to positively impact your company’s budget, an online payroll service that includes time tracking is worth the investment.

Save money by integrating payroll and HR in your business and increase efficiency while eliminating redundancies in key business systems.

Paper-based time and attendance systems open the door to forgetfulness and dissatisfaction. Employees may forget to complete their timesheets by the deadline, and may also make errors when submitting their hours. This creates bigger issues around payroll (like not being properly paid) and can negatively impact employee morale, which can then affect productivity in the workplace.


Benefits of integrating time & attendance with payroll

Genie’s integrated payroll time tracking system ensures that information is consistent across the board. When integrated systems are combined with automatic updating, work systems and employees reach maximum efficiency. 


Clear processes and user-friendly systems are a business’s best friend. Electronic time tracking software can collect, track, and manage employee work hours and pay, freeing up HR staff to work on higher-level tasks. Data is analyzed in real-time which enables management to review and approve employee time for payroll with accuracy. When your HR staff has the tools to act quickly, employees feel valued and more satisfied at work. The right tools always make the greatest impact.

Additional benefits of an integrated system include:

1. Manage a more efficient workforce

2. Deal with less paperwork

3. Streamline data entry

4. Free up management and HR staff from repetitive administrative tasks

5. Protect your company against non-compliance claims

6. Offer managers the ability to set notifications and be alerted of employee scheduling conflicts

7. Improve employee satisfaction and retain talent

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Integration improves data access and security

Payroll and HR benefits systems contain highly sensitive information, such as salaries and social security numbers. Employees want to know their personal information is protected. By integrating these systems into a secure HR platform, you can reduce the opportunities for confidential information to wind up in the wrong hands.

An integrated system makes it easy for HR staff and managers to access employee information on demand, which saves time and enables them to make educated decisions. Managers will feel confident knowing that the information they are viewing is accurate and up-to-date. When employees don’t have to use multiple systems to confirm information, coworking relationships thrive.

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Save time & money with Genie’s Payroll Plus Portal

The Genie Payroll Plus Portal is your single solution.
Streamline your to-do list with an all-in-one payroll system and effectively manage your greatest asset—your employees. Handling business with Genie’s HCM software platform system has never been easier. Payroll is processed efficiently and accurately, every time. 

Even with the best technology available on the market, you still need a partner who’s there when you need help.

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The best technology, the best service

Our tools make it quick and simple to get started right now with no upfront payment required. Genie Payroll Plus® has been a trusted partner for over 20 years and we have a long-standing commitment to provide extraordinary service and value. Don't let outdated, manual, or separate time tracking processes drag down your productivity.

Switch to a payroll system that is fully integrated with a powerful online timekeeping solution to effectively manage HR processes while minimizing internal inefficiencies.